Guidelines of the Transaction information service

  • The transactions database does not include:
    • transactions where purchase price is below EUR 1 million
    • transactions where both buyer and seller are private investors
    • transactions of sites
    • stock tradings of listed property companies and other indirect property investments (unless the whole company is sold)
    • internal transactions between two companies of the same group
    • transactions where the ownership of properties is transferred as part of the business deal where properties are not in significant role.


  • The transactions of new development projects are included in those cases where the seller owns the site and has developed the whole project, even though the construction has not yet started.
  • The transactions are recorded in the database according to the signing date of the transaction (not the closing date).
  • The property type of the asset is defined according to the current use of the property, even though the property is planned to be converted to some different use.
  • The classification between domestic and international investors is made according to the origin of the company/fund.