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About Us

Better to know than to assume. Our services improve the productivity and competitiveness of your real estate business.

A View Into Real Estate Market

An independent research company

We open a view of our clients to real estate information that allows them to improve the productivity of their real estate business. Make more informed decisions with data and base your business on facts.

KTI is an objective source of reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date real estate market information. We use Finland’s largest real estate databases.


More than 25 years of long-term development. We are the only party in Finland that provides impartial real estate market information. We employ about 20 real estate experts. Our expertise covers the entire field of real estate business.


Our customers are major real estate investors, developers and service companies in the field. Active customer cooperation guarantees the added value and continuous development of services. Our international cooperation network is extensive.


Our vision is a real estate market known for its high-quality information and expertise. High-quality market information and transparency improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of the Finnish real estate market.


Our owners are RAKLI, the Finnish Real Estate Association and the company’s key personnel. Together with our owners, we provide a platform for joint development and dialogue in the industry.

Unique Information

Extensive database and systematic process

Data Collection

Our databases are based on unique property-specific information collected from property owners, managers and users. Our real estate database is the largest in Finland.


We produce key figures and analyses at the most accurate level possible, within the limits allowed by data confidentiality. We follow well-established, secure and systematic processes for data validation and analysis.

Services & Reporting

We compare, analyse and study the profitability of the real estate business and its drivers. We are constantly developing new services and better processes in cooperation with our customers.


We offer a wide range of services to support your real estate business.

Bespoke Analysis and Research

Comprehensive studies and reports of the property markets and business tailored to client needs.

Contact Us

Tell us about your real estate business and we’ll find the right information for your needs to support your decisions. We are constantly developing our services in cooperation with our customers.