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We offer a wide range of services to support your real estate business.

KTI Benchmarking

Added value to property management and investment through benchmarking and analysis.

KTI Index is a tool for property investors to measure and benchmark the returns of property investment portfolios.

A tool for optimizing the maintenance costs, energy consumption and space efficiency of school and kindergarten properties.

Customer satisfaction benchmarking enables measurement of the satisfaction and customer experience of the tenant.

KTI Rental benchmarking is a tool for investors and asset managers for lease management and asset development.

Shopping centre benchmarking supports shopping centre management, investment and development.

Operational cost benchmarking is a property investor’s and manager’s tool for monitoring and optimising operational costs.

A property owner’s tool for assessing, developing and communicating property business responsibility.

Market information

Up-to-date market information for property market in an easy-to-use format.

Key indicators of the real estate investment market for the analysis and evaluation of property investment assets  and markets.

Key indicators of the shopping center operations and properties for the analysis and development of shopping centers.

Key variables in the real estate market and the national economy for market analyses and presentations.

Comprehensive and up-to-date market information for monitoring the rental market and evaluating and developing properties.

Up-to-date and comprehensive analysis and information package for monitoring real estate development projects and volumes.

Market information for developing the transparency and general awareness of special investment funds investing in property.

Up-to-date and comprehensive analysis and information package of property transactions carried out by professional property players.

Information for managing property maintenance costs and energy consumption, and for evaluating and developing properties.

Bespoke Analysis and Research Services

Comprehensive studies and reports of the property markets and business tailored to client needs.

Analyses based on  KTI databases and other information sources to support property investment and management decision-making.

Customer experience surveys, stakeholder and barometer surveys to track markets and the development of own operations.

Comprehensive reports and surveys of the real estate industry tailored to client needs.

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