The KTI Rental Residential index for new agreements increased by 1.1% p.a. in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Rents increased most in Vantaa, by 1.6%, whereas in Helsinki and Espoo, rental growth slowed down close to 1.0%. Rental growth figures were now the lowest since 2007.

In the main cities outside the Helsinki metropolitan area, rents in new rental agreements increased by 1.2% p.a. Outside the metropolitan area, rents increased most in Turku, Jyväskylä and Oulu, while in Tampere and Lahti rents remained almost unchanged.

Rents in all prevailing rental agreements have now increased almost at the same pace as those in new agreements. The KTI Rental Index for all prevailing rental agreements increased by 1.4% p.a. in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and by 1.3% in other main cities.

KTI Rental Residential indices comprise rental residential dwellings owned by professional property investors. KTI Rental database includes information on some 84.000 rental agreements. Indices for new rental agreements comprise agreements started within the past six months (1 October – 31 March). Indices for all agreements include all agreements prevailing as of 1 March. Based on the KTI database, rental levels can be calculated on 260 submarkets in 35 cities.