KTI Property Information Ltd

– independent property market information and research

KTI Finland is an independent research organisation and service company providing information and benchmarking services for the Finnish real estate industry. Our mission is to provide services, which support our clients´ property business´ competitiveness and productivity.

KTI´s clients comprise major property investors, developers, managers, corporate property occupiers and service companies.

Background and history

KTI was founded as a non-profit research organisation in 1993. KTI´s founding members comprise the Turku School of Economics, the Finnish Real Estate Federation and RAKLI – the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients. Through these supporting organisations KTI has close connections to both the academic world and the Finnish real estate industry. In 2000, KTI Property Information Ltd was founded to market and develop KTI services. KTI is currently owned by the Finnish Real Estate Federation (35%), RAKLI (35%) and key personnel (30%).