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KTI Online

Compare and search for real estate information in our constantly updated online service.


KTI Online contains the following sections.

Market Information

Dynamic tool for searching and analysing information on property returns, rents, maintenance costs, transactions, and development projects.

KTI Benchmark

Analyse and compare the returns, rents, maintenance costs and customer satisfaction of your own real estate portfolio and properties in relation to KTI’s market indicators.

KTI reports

All KTI reports included in your KTI information service agreement in document format.

Supported browsers

The proper operation of the service requires the use of a browser in normal mode and the use of cookies and JavaScript. Supported browsers include Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (latest versions).

KTI Online’s data contents can also be transmitted via an API service to the customer’s own or third-party information systems with contents tailored to the customer’s needs.

About the user IDs

KTI Online content is intended only for contract customers. The service uses personal usernames. Providing information content or personal usernames to another person is prohibited by the terms of the contract. For contract customers’ employees, we provide personal usernames on request.  

Learn more

Are you interested in KTI’s services and using KTI Online, but you are not yet a KTI customer? Contact Pia Louekoski, tel. +358 400 959 634 or pia.louekoski (a)

For other questions concerning the service, please contact: kti (a) or tel. +358 20 7430 130.