According to the statistics of KTI, transaction volume in the Finnish property market reached EUR 9.3 bn in 2018. This is the second highest volume ever in the Finnish property market, reflecting a decrease of 9% compared to the previous year’s record-high volumes. The volume of the last quarter of 2018 amounted to EUR 3.7 bn, which is also the second highest quarterly volume in Finland ever. In total, the quarterly transaction volume has now exceeded EUR 1 bn for 15 consecutive quarters.

The largest transaction of the year took place in Q4, when Kildare Partners acquired all shares in the listed property company Technopolis. The market value of Technopolis’ Finnish property portfolio amounts to some EUR 950 million. Altogether, more than a dozen transactions exceeding EUR 100 million were completed in 2018. Foreign investors remained very active in the market, accounting for 66% of the total volume in 2018 (71% in 2017).

Office properties were the most traded property type in 2018, accounting for 39% of the total volume (EUR 3.6 billion). Retail properties and residential portfolios accounted for 24% and 19% of the total volume, respectively. Care property transaction volume amounted to over EUR 600 million, which is the highest figure in this property sector ever. Also some large industrial and hotel properties were sold during the year.

More detailed information and analysis on property transactions in Finland can be found in the KTI Transactions information service. For more information, please contact: Mikko Soutamo (mikko.soutamo(a), +358 50 548 0480) or Olli-Pekka Virkola (olli-pekka.virkola(a), +358 50 330 5287). See the list of the largest recently published transactions in the Finnish property market: Major transactions listing.